Privacy Policy

This privacy policy governs your (“you”, “user”) use of the software application Stroll (“Stroll” or “app”) that was created by Z Axis Labs, Inc. (“Company”, “our”, or “we”) for mobile phones, together with the back-end server and the associated services. Stroll is a fitness mobile application that helps users of the app track their fitness information, like the distance they walk daily. Users can create or join teams and engage in competitions. Users can also send messages to other users of the app and compare performance on a leaderboard.

Data Collection

Stroll collects and stores the email ID, if provided by you, and that is the only personally identifiable information that we collect (unless you choose a screen name that uniquely identifies you). The email ID is not visible to anybody using the app and we don’t share it with other parties. The primary purpose of the email ID is to recover your previous account and data, for example, while changing phones or reinstalling the app. Stroll does not collect a user-specified password for improved security – we can’t lose it if we don’t have it. If the user tries to access the account from a different phone, the app sends a temporary password to the email ID provided during the account creation.

The app collects data (steps, distance) related to the walking and running distance of the user from devices such as Apple Watch (through the Apple Health app), iPhone (through the Apple Health app), Android services, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, Mi Fit etc., depending on the device you chose to connect during the app registration process. In the future, we might add support for additional devices and services. The data related to weight that is self-reported by the user is also collected and stored. The app also stores in-app data like purchases, rewards, challenges, rank etc.

The information you share voluntarily in chats will be visible to the intended recipients. We strongly recommend that you do not share personal information like your address with other users. Use the safety precautions you would use on any public Internet forum while chatting with other users in the app. We use Google Firebase Cloud Messaging to provide the chat service and your data is stored in that service. We feel confident about the security provided by that service.

In order to gain insights into the usage of our app, we’ve integrated Firebase Analytics, a Google service. We get anonymous and aggregate data from that service, like the number of new users, the frequency of feature usage, countries where the app is installed etc. We do not get data from Firebase on individual users. We do not share the information we collect, like your email, screen name or your exercise data with Firebase. Please refer to the Google Privacy Policy for details such as the types of cookies they use.

Data Sharing

Unless you’ve chosen a personally identifiable screen name or shared your identity with your friends using the app, your distance statistics will remain anonymous in the app. The data we share with other users on your team or group is primarily your steps and distance information, and that is intended to motivate you to stay healthy.

The screen name you’ve specified could be seen by others using the app, if they search for that screen name. Your distance statistics (how many miles you’ve walked or run today and this week, your average distance/day) that are associated with your account would be visible to others if they find your screen name through search or in a team.

When you join teams or participate in challenges, the team members will be able to view your distance data on a leaderboard. The changes in ranking will be communicated to challenge participants through push notifications. When users engage in weight loss challenges with their friends or as part of a team, the change in weight or the percentage change in weight could be visible to others in the challenge. The actual weight will not be visible to others.

Other users will be able to communicate with you through direct messages or team chats.

When you’re part of a group plan, the group administrators might be able to view information about the group members at an aggregate level on the web-based admin dashboard. For example, the total miles walked by the group members last week. Some information at the individual level, like the weekly distance leaderboard, is also shared with your group admins. However, information like individual weight is not shared with anybody, including the group admins. The general rule is, if you couldn’t view the individual information of others within the app (for example, weight of others), that individual information will not be visible to the group admins either. Similarly, if you could view the individual information of others within app (for example, total miles walked last week), that individual information might be visible to the group admins too.

We reserve the right to share anonymized app usage characteristics with select partners for learning purposes. We reserve the right to let users easily find their friends through address book or social media matching, with their permission.

Data Storage

The data is stored locally on the phone and also on a server hosted on Amazon Web Services. The chat messages are stored in Google Firebase Cloud Messaging service.

Data Usage

The data is used to give the users a great in-app experience.

We will use the email you’ve provided to send you a temporary password when you try to recover your account. We reserve the right to use the email address you’ve provided to send you product announcements, product updates, or information about your account or app usage.

We reserve the right to show you relevant ads based on app usage and the app data.

Data Retention and Deletion

Even after the data on the phone is cleared, the data on the servers is retained for a limited time in case the user wants to recover the information. We intend to create an automated option for the users to permanently delete their information from the server, but in the meantime, users who wish to do so could send the request via email to and we will manually delete the data.

Future Changes

We may update this privacy policy to reflect changes to our data management policies. If the privacy policy is updated for any of the future versions of Stroll with material changes, the users may be notified of the changes along with an app update. The updated policy will also be available online for you to review. By continuing to access or use the app after those changes become effective, you are agreeing to be bound by the revised policy.


Roby Kurian

Founder and CEO, Z Axis Labs

Email: roby [at] (replace “[at]” with “@” and remove spaces)

Seattle, WA