Fight Stress and Get Healthy

Walking, or any other physical activity reduces stress. Not to mention its disease-fighting super powers. The best work starts from healthy bodies.

Bond Together as a Team

You remember that feeling when your favorite sports team wins? Now imagine you’re playing in one, together with your colleagues.

Get started with the free features or
purchase Stroll Premium for the entire group.
Track Steps and Stay Healthy

Use your phone (iPhone/Android) or your device (Fitbit/Apple Watch) to track your steps.

Compete as a Team

Challenge other teams or compete with other team members on the team leaderboard.

Work Together to Win

Chat with each other and have fun as a team.

    • Stroll Basic
    • Free

    • View daily steps activity
    • Join teams
    • Chat with individuals or the whole team
    • Create teams and challenge other teams
    • Activity level summary
    • View the leaderboard within a team
    • Stroll Premium for Individuals
    • $2.99

      per month per person

      In-app purchase.
    • All the Basic features +
    • View activity history organized by months,weeks, and days
    • Premium artwork including backgrounds and animations
    • Compare activity with last week
    • In-app purchase.

    • Stroll Premium for Groups
    • $5.99$3.99

      per month per person

    • All the Basic features +
    • All the Premium features +
    • Purchase premium for an entire group or organization
    • Create sub-teams within the group
    • Chat with the entire group, a sub-team, or individuals
    • Create challenges between the sub-teams and view the group leaderboard
    • Easily manage memberships and challenges
    • Priority support
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