Our Customers

Get healthier

Use your phone or device (Fitbit, Apple Watch...) to track
your steps. Update weight and keep an eye on it.

Win together as a team

Challenge other teams or colleagues. There are plenty of steps and weight-loss challenge options to choose from.

Easily manage teams
and challenges

Admins can easily manage membership, teams, and challenges using the web dashboard or the app. Engagement and challenge reports make it
easy to get an overview.


Stroll for Individuals

Per Month
Basic (Free)
  • View daily steps activity
  • Join teams, chat with others
  • Create two-team challenges
Premium ($2.99/month,
in-app subscription)
  • View activity history organized by days, weeks and months
  • Weight tracking and challenges
  • Premium animations and customizations

Stroll for Groups

Per Month per person
  • Purchase premium for an entire group or organization
  • Manage teams organized as a single group
  • Create steps or weight loss challenges across multiple teams
  • Easily manage memberships and challenges
  • Access downloadable reports for activity and challenges
  • Priority support

Stroll for Enterprises

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  • Customizable solutions
  • Individualized support

Users love Stroll...

“I really like using this app. I'm surprised how much walking I do throughout the day and never realized it. I like the competition's and how it keeps track of my miles each day.”

“Great app. Simple and easy to keep track of your strolls. I am a big fan of it's leaderboard feature, which compares me with my friends. This feature has pushed me to do more.”

I absolutely love this app. My favorite part is the competitive point of view where you get to "out walk" other players. This app is a blast.

Nice and elegant app to stay healthyReally nice design and simple to follow. The leaderboard is pretty awesome too to get some healthy competition going!

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